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About Us

Never too Sweet was born from the inspiration to tell the story of the Thai sugar industry. Since the first days of the sugar industry Since the first private sugar factory in Thailand, "Ruam Kam larp"


Thai Rungruang Group was born from love and determination to produce quality sugar for Thai society. It arose from passing on inspiration and intentions from generation to generation for more than 77 years. We believe that Diligence and honesty are the main ingredients that have made us successful until today.


Currently, TRR Group Has expanded its business from Sugar Business to other businesses, whether Renewable Energy Business, Manufacturing Busines, Alcohol Business, Terminal and Warehouse Business, Soil Improvement Business, Molasses Business, Trading Business, Export Business, leasing Business and Database System Business


Never too Sweet intends to create quality menus from TRR Group, SADA, and Lin sugar, hoping that these menus will be A moment of happiness for everyone Because we believe "Sweet moments are moments of happiness."

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